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Hi, I am Dr Geetima. Welcome to my blog H-Cube: Health, Habit & Hygiene.

‘H-Cube’ covers a good sort of topic on health, habit, and hygiene-the three integral parts of our life.

The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates (460-357 BC), said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. He also supported “Nature cures, not the physician”.

In the book “Nature Cure”, published in 1954, Mahatma Gandhi wrote that good health is merely possible if we live according to the laws of nature in regard to diet, exercise, fresh air, cleanliness and a pure heart.

He also advocated in his journal “Harijan”, published in 1946, that ‘Self-reliance (Swawalambana) is possible only when there is self-health-reliance (Swasthawalambana)’. Nature cure provides self-health-reliance by teaching ‘how to live healthy lives’ without medicines and doctors.

These maxims are the inspiration of my blog ‘H Cube’. It covers topics on natural home remedies and natural dietetics for nearly all common and chronic ailments that are supported by modern research.

It covers topics on health benefits of varied fruits, herbs, vegetables, and other substances that are easily available in our kitchen or backyard garden.

H-Cube also covers topics on tips and tricks for daily habits, personal hygiene, lifestyle changes, mental and emotional health to assist people to live a healthier life in a holistic way.  

The mission of ‘H-Cube’ is to inspire everyone to live a happier, healthier, and longer life by adopting nature cure as a way of life, not as an option of treatment.

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