Hi, everyone! Welcome to my first blog post.
I wanted to start my first post by letting you know the main target of my blog and what kind of articles you will be seeing more in my future posts. 

Targets of my blog 

In this wonderful age of knowledge and advanced medicines, we should always be the fittest and most healthy human being. But, most frequently you’ll find the opposite is true. 

We are suffering from a worldwide pandemic of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, dementia, stress, anxiety, depression, and other unceasing diseases. So how and why has this happened? 

Our body is a wonderful and perfect machine and is designed to take massive abuse before it fails. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always give clear signs of abuse until it’s too late. It is often observed that many health problems arise due to lack of exercise and a terrible diet, high intake of alcohol, tobacco, and exposure to toxic industrial chemicals, which are intertwined with the stresses of daily life, family and relationship problems, and worries about job and money. 

At the point when we fall sick, directly look to conventional methods of medical treatment for relief and healing. However, there are a lot of traditional holistic, old-age natural remedies and natural dietetics that are more effective than modern medication. Conventional methods strictly focus on physical problems alone, while traditional methods focus on the whole person; body, mind, and soul. 

The holistic approach focuses on preserving and promoting good health and preventing disease through natural remedies, natural dietetics, and healthy lifestyle practices. Research has proved that life can be set on the right track effectively by adopting natural remedies and dietetics as a way of life.

Natural remedies have been used since the dawn of humanity as the earliest form of medicine. For centuries, rural folks are using such remedies as ‘folk medicine’ to fight various common and chronic ailments. These remedies can be anything prepared from spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables, to complex preparations of herbal compounds, which are available in the forms of capsules, pills, ointments, and gels. Further, this sort of remedies encompasses diet and nutrition, exercises, rest, relaxation, meditation, breathing exercises, lifestyle in conjunction with rejuvenation programs for healing body, mind, and spirit.

Despite the tremendous progress in modern medicine, research indicated that natural remedies/dietetics have a few advantages over the over-the-counter modern drugs and you don’t always have to go to the doctor when your illness isn’t serious enough to take harsh medicines unnecessarily to treat them. The benefits of such remedies and dietetics which I want to mention here are

  • First and foremost, both prevention and cure can be done by natural remedies and dietetics for nearly all common and chronic ailments.
  • Raw materials used for natural remedies/dietetics are inexpensive and easily available. 
  • Natural remedies are safer than the over-the-counter modern drugs, with little or no side effects. 
  • These remedies are very effective to cure myriads of common problems, due to the presence of scientifically proven pharmacological constituents.

Several such remedies, besides their preventive and curative actions, act as a natural immunity booster.
For the natural way of treatments to be effective, you must be motivated and believe in the treatment’s ability to work. Poor health always offers us an invitation for self-transformation and an opportunity to change our habits, ways of thinking, feeling, and in general caring for ourselves and our lives. The solutions to the current health crisis are therefore more likely to be found in the homes and behaviors of individuals than in medical clinics, hospitals, or pharmacies.

Of course, for any serious, life-threatening health problem you should consult with your doctor. However, if planned well, you can take advantage of the best of both types of medicine for a life that is comfortable and enjoyable. Natural remedies/dietetics always provide self-health-reliance by teaching ‘how to live healthy lives’ without medicines and doctors.

So, the main target of my blog is to acquaint you with various natural remedies and natural dietetics, supported by modern scientific research to prevent as well as cure various ailments. 

What you’ll be seeing more of in my posts! 

Articles on natural remedies and natural dietetics for various common and chronic ailments will obviously be the main theme of my blog. None of the remedies mentioned in the article have potentially dangerous side effects as do numerous advanced medications.

In addition, you will be seeing much more on health benefits and nutritional values of varied natural stuff like fruits, herbs, vegetables, and other substances that are easily available in our kitchen, backyard garden, or local supermarkets. 

Today good health is used not only in conjunction with health and fitness, but also wellness of the mind, body, and spirit. Our mind is one of the most significant contributors to our daily energy levels. Other than proper diet and medication; exercise, yoga, and meditation will better your pulse and help you to cut down stress and anxiety. 

You will find a good sort of articles on exercise, meditation, and yoga for our mental and spiritual wellbeing in the habit section of my blog. It will also cover some topics on personal health hygiene in the hygiene section of the blog.

I hope all contributions in my blog H-cube: Health Habit & Hygiene will assist you to learn self-healing modalities that are right for you to build, maintain, or restore health and balance in a holistic manner 

I hereby want to finish by telling you that writing has never been a strong suit of mine, and I am not an expert in this area. There may be some trial and error; grammar or spelling mistakes. Please feel free to share your suggestion and be in touch with me along the way. 

Learn to adopt nature cure as a way of life, not as an option of treatment

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Arup Jyoti Thakuria · 08/08/2020 at 9:15 pm

Very nice…like to read more from you…best wishes and keep writing…

paresh · 26/08/2020 at 9:15 am

Nice!! Keep it up

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