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lavender tea health benefits

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Lavender Tea

Drinking lavender tea is an excellent way to relax and boost your health. It is loaded with healthy chemical constituents that can enhance your immune system and calm your mind. Explore the beauty of this floral herb and see how drinking a cup of lavender tea can benefits your health.

Blue Tea/Aparajita Flower Tea Health Benefits

9 Amazing Blue Tea/Aparajita Flower Tea Health Benefits

Blue tea or Aparajita flower tea is derived from the ‘Clitoria ternatea’ plant, commonly known as Butterfly-blue pea, Blue-pea, or Asian pigeon wings. This article discusses 9 amazing health benefits of Blue tea/Aparajita flower tea backed by scientific research.

herbal tea benefits

12 Refreshing Herbal Tea Health Benefits

Herbal tea benefits can range from treating a common cold to relieving stress, to anti-aging properties. Herbal teas can be prepared from dried or fresh herbs, leaves, flowers, and fruits as well. The best thing about herbal teas is that unlike other teas these are caffeine-free, and is full of antioxidants. In this article, we’ll explain a list of 12 widely used herbal teas as well as herbal tea benefits.