10 Amazing Health Benefits of Guava Leaves

The nutritional value of Guava (Psidium guajava L.) fruit is well known throughout the world. It’s usually used as food and processed as juice and jam. Apart from the fruit, many chemical and pharmaceutical companies use numerous parts of the guava tree. Among these, guava leaves has been used extensively and found to possess numerous medicinal values. Recent research revealed that guava leaves can cure as well as prevent several diseases.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Giloy to Fight Covid-19

Giloy is a potent ayurvedic medicinal herb with an array of health benefits. It is commonly known as Guduchi. In Sanskrit, it is called Amrita which means ‘the root of immortality’. In English, Giloy is known as Heart-leaf-moonseed while scientifically it is called Tinospora Cordifolia. It is also considered as the “queen of herbs” in Ayurveda. Let’s check out the health benefits of Giloy concerning old age Ayurveda as well as modern science.

All About Curing Chronic Fatigue: Simple Natural Home Remedy

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is an illness that you must not take for granted. If it persists for a long time, may lead to serious other health troubles specifically related to your immune system. If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, then you will experience extreme tiredness that doesn’t go away with rest. You will feel like lack of motivation and energy that can lead to long-term disability in personal, social, educational, or professional activities. In this article you will find the causes, symptoms and treatments of chronic fatigue syndrome.

What is Blue Tea: 8 Amazing Health Benefits of Blue Tea

I am sure that you all know a lot about green tea or black tea. In any case, do you think about blue tea? When you think of tea, the picture of a black or brown colored drink will pop up in your mind. Be that as it may, blue tea has an electric blue color with zero caffeine content. Blue tea is derived from the ‘Clitoria ternatea’ plant, commonly known as butterfly-blue pea, blue-pea, or Asian pigeon wings. It recently gained popularity as herbal tea due to its several health benefits.